Our team brings together professionals from various areas in order to reflect the complexity of our present world. This together with the way the team collaborates guarantees sustainable results and high ROI.

Our Core Team

Radu Seuche - Founder & CEO (Dubai, UAE)

Radu’s mission is to enable individuals and organisations to make their best become their average and reach their full potential. By using a systemic approach to organisational development, he enables organisations to develop thorough learning, at an individual and organisational level.

Radu is a Certified NLP Master Coach and Certified Trainer of NLP Coaching, Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®, Certified Master Hypnotist, an accredited Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS) consultant and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

Radu has developed and delivered coaching and training programmes both live and online to over 10000 participants from more than 50 countries. CEOs, mananers, entrepreneurs, companies, state institutions, international institutions, NGOs, etc., have benefitted from Radu’s focus on the impact of his learning programmes and strive for excellence. What makes his learning programmes work is the blend of training and coaching, his results and outcomes focused approach and the ability to create learning environments in which the participants can grow both personally and professionally while applying everything they learn straight away.

Anca Urdea - Global Coaching Director (London, UK)

Results-driven. High-Energy. Autonomous. Focused. Multi-passionate. Anca is an NLP Master Coach with a background in sociology, insurances, tourism, hospitality, business events, community management and coaching, with a passion for travel and writing. Changing her interest every few years, allowed Anca to gather a portfolio of abilities, knowledge and experience that compliment her coaching skills. As a coach, Anca enables people to discover their purpose, skills, and strengths to then find the work where they feel fulfilled, rewarded and are at their best. Anca succesfully manages our Global Coaches Network.

Eddy Farhoud - Business Architect (Beirut, Lebanon)

Eddy is a highly motivated, passionate, energetic, enthusiastic, and open minded individual. "Live in a realm where impossibilities are opportunities". He has an eye in spotting opportunities and the mind power to tackle them with style.

Eddy is a Financial Engineer, ex-scout leader, and a great conversationalist - He believes that one's greatest weapon is his words. Destined to make an impact, Eddy thrives to maximize the efficiency of his words in the next few years to make the world a better place and to adapt other's people's mind into changing with no difficulties.

As a scout leader, Eddy has managed teams from all age categories and implemented a team work approach moving away from a competitive environment in order to augment significantly both productivity and efficiency, incubating the idea of no impossibilities.

Hadi Kaddoura - Marketing Manager (Sharjah, UAE)

Hadi is a very ambitious, self-motivated hardworking and enthusiastic individual, he thrives from his mistakes and his best quality is his passion to always improve and keep going. He started his career behind a help desk where he built his work ethic and strengthened his communication skills. 

His goals are to be able to help other individuals and businesses out and to further build his career and skills.

Destined to leave a dent, Hadi thrives for results and excellence to make his client’s experience live to the word Executive Mastery.

Wael Tayar - Growth Officer(Beirut, Lebanon)

His intellectual curiosity makes him enjoy solving complex problems and extracting insights to come up with solutions.

Wael’s key strength lies in his ability to add concrete value using analytics, thinking critically, and working accurately with data, emotional intelligence, extensive reading and in his ability to constantly learn and evolve.

Our Consultants

Ahlam Oun (Bahrein)

A Telecommunication Engineer , Leadership Coach and a Corporate Banker with 13 years of experience in Channels and Services for Corporate clients in the Banking and Finance sector. Skilled in Alternate Channels, Operational Risk, Business Process Improvement, Team Transformation and Sustainability Strategies. Aided with a number of executive programs from prestigious institutes such as London Business School, Syracuse University and United Nations University.

Rajiv Narang (Bengaluru, Karnataka, India)

Recognised as India’s Innovation thought leader,  Rajiv engaged as  a part of National Planning Commission panel to recommend ‘India’s Innovation Strategy’, as a Council member of the ‘Innovation for India’ Foundation, and as a Co-chairperson of the FICCI Innovation Committee.

His passion for Innovation & Imagination is boundariless.  He brings unique & in-depth insights into the Strategic, Organisational & Leadership dimensions of Innovation.  And what’s more, as a compelling, powerful speaker he has inspired people across cultures & across the world into realizing ‘What does it take to bring alive Orbit-shifting Innovation’?

Nana MikashavidzeBusiness Consultant(Tbilisi, Georgia)

Nana is a seasoned executive with more than 20 years of experience in Financial Sector. She is highly motivated, passionate, result-driven, strong leader with a proven success. 


She has a track record of excelling in highly dynamic and demanding environments. As a business coach and mentor, she combines a unique blend of business experience with intensive training in psychology and coaching. Her business expertise covers strategy development, capacity building, Knowledge management, Risk and financial management, Operations/ process analysis, product development etc.


Nana believes that developing strong leadership capabilities combined with relevant business knowledge is the core to business success and is happy to share her own experience with others, thriving for success. 

Alexandru Cucu (Bucharest, Romania)

Alex is ambitious, open-minded and eager to work with people from across cultures; attracted to all constructive work and with an extensive experience in customer service and creating and managing departments, Alex has launched and administrated several successful restaurants as a Hospitality consultants over the span of 9 years.

Experienced in realization of research and feasibility study, establishment of locations for opening restaurants, global purchasing management, establishment of restaurant menus , design and supervision of marketing strategy, supporting interviews and supervising personal trainings, quality management of services, raw materials and goods, negotiation of supplier contracts, restaurant management evaluation, establishing working procedures for management and verifying their implementation, establishing food costs, profit and Loss analysis, representation of the company in relation with the control authorities, responsible for obtaining the authorization, personal evaluation through client mystery, and standardization of working procedures

Ali Sohail (Brussels, Belgium)

Ali is an Agile & Digital enthusiast and a change ninja. He knows no greater joy than conspiring in creating ‘aha’ moments!

With several years in the field, his passion lies in helping creating ‘WHY-clear” work cultures, and using innovation methodologies + coaching to create products and services that users can be fan of.

The fast pace of change lead by start ups and digital evolution has put traditional an organisational processes under tremendous stress. Companies and teams know that they need to transform the way they work but don’t always know how – well he’s the how-guy!

In so doing. Ali has had 12 years of professional experience with close to 6 years in the Agile Space directly.

Dieter Duarte (Tokyo, Japan)

DJ is a very influential coach and mentor to more than 25 global lean management professionals. As a professional speaker, he engages many annual global events as a thought leader on the topics of Lean Management, Innovation, Lean Design Thinking, Operational Excellence, Leadership & Changing Mindsets & Behaviors with TPS. His extensive experience and certifications include Strategy Facilitation, Leadership Coaching, Lean Startup, Lean Management & Manufacturing, Lean Six Sigma GB-BB-Champion, Total Quality Management and Business Process Re-engineering to name a few.

Reem Stateyeh (Dubai, UAE)

A mental health expert with more than a decade experience working in corporates, she worked as a Vice President of business development, she understands what is it to have an extreme pressure to hit revenues, deadlines, unhappy key clients…Etc and she knows exactly what motivates and demotivates people in business.

Reem is a certified coach and practices under a registered company in Dubai. Her specialization came from the realization that productivity is directly linked to mental health at the workplace. She works with executives one to one to maintain the confidentiality of the personal and interpersonal subjects, as well as with groups within corporates mainly sales and business development. She works from a perspective that an employee is a human with a total sum of experiences, inside the company and outside. She deals with areas like stress, procrastination, involvement, achievements, and “Top- Bottom” corporate communication.

Saliha Latif (London, UK)

Saliha is an energetic and progressive HR leader, with nearly two decades of professional experience in Executive and Consulting roles in both the private and public sectors in the UK and the UAE. She has worked in close collaboration with business leaders and stakeholders across the globe in order to help companies tackle their business and HR challenges.

With a passion for organisational optimisation, talent management, employee engagement and the legal aspects of HR, Saliha has transformed loss-making companies into profit centres.

Known for her passion in engaging and developing people from diverse backgrounds, Saliha is a genuine influencer in her sector who thrives on tough challenges, translating vision and strategy into HR initiatives that improve performance, profitability, growth and employee engagement.