What Got You Here Won't Get You There...

Are you successful as a Leader because of your behavior or in spite of it? If you are a Leader who is committed to becoming better and achieving your full potential while increasing your visibility and improving your personal brand, the Global Leadership Assessment offers you a complete 360 degrees view about your strong points and areas to develop by involving the people that matter: your managers, your peers and your direct reports. The GLA360 provides you with a direction to grow based on a 75+ pages report and enables you to select 1-2 key growth areas that will have the highest impact to your development.

What is the Global Leadership Assessment?

The Global Leadership Assessment (GLA360) is a 360 leadership assessment rooted in groundbreaking research conducted by Marshall Goldsmith (#1 Leadership Thinker and Executive Coach), involving CEOs of Fortune 100 companies, global thought leaders, and international business executives of organizations on 6 continents.

Whereas most assessments are created by a coach or statistician, the GLA360 is the first and only assessment in the market created by multinationals, for multinationals. The GLA360 articulates and measures the top 15 most pressing competencies for today’s Global Leader. It shows Leaders the areas they need to develop in order to succeed in a competitive business environment.


  • Demonstrating integrity
  • Encouraging constructive dialogue
  • Creating a shared vision

Engaging People

  • Developing people
  • Building partnerships
  • Sharing leadership

Boundary-less Inclusion

  • Empowering people
  • Thinking globally
  • Appreciating diversity

Assure Success

  • Developing technological savvy
  • Ensuring customer satisfaction
  • Maintaining a competitive advantage

Continuous Change

  • Achieving personal mastery
  • Anticipating opportunities
  • Leading change


Our experienced team has been trained, certified and authorized by Marshall Goldsmith – Stakeholder Centered Coaching to lead this process with Leaders.

Why use the Global leadership Assessment?

Organizations use the GLA360 for leadership development, succession planning and talent management to assure that leaders succeed in international roles.

The GLA360 is typically used for Leaders who:

  • Lead an internationalizing business
  • Are country managers
  • Manage diversity and across cultures while interacting with stakeholders in their functional responsibilities related to e.g. supply chain, human resources and finance
  • Lead international functional or project teams
  • Have the potential and ambition to measurably grow their global leadership skills.

How does it work?

The assessments is done through a comprehensive survey containing 72 questions (5 points Likert scale) plus 3 open questions for verbatim feedback which  results in a 75+ page comprehensive report available in multiple languages.

The process collects data from the leader and a group of selected raters to get a bird’s-eye view of performance in meaningful competencies. The Leader will get valuable insight about the specific behaviors that drive the competency scores. After working hand in hand with us, the leader will know the exact areas that they excel in and 1-2 high value leadership growth areas. 

The process requires 2 sessions of about 90-120 minutes with the Leader which can also be done online. More specifically:

  1. We work together with the Leader in order to select the raters during the first session.
  2. We distribute the electronic asseessments.
  3. We collect the reports.
  4. We analyze the data.
  5. We host a debrief session with the Leader.

The GLA360 can be coupled with Behavioral Interviews with selected relevant stakeholders in order to add color and complete the picture of the performance levels and the key leadership areas to be improved.