The ability of leaders to perform consistently as a team is fundamental to the success of any organisation.

However, as with many groups of highly talented people, success is not always guaranteed. In difficult economic situations or times of change, even the best teams can find it difficult to stay focused, motivated and collaborate effectively.

People look to leaders during periods of change for clear guidance.

Radu’s excellent skills and obsessive attention to detail brought the Executive Management Team to the next level and set the course for excellence.
Cosmin Olteanu
CEO, AB Bank
I am amazed of what 4 days of this excellent Masterclass can do! It was a transforming and inspiring experience. I cannot wait to put all the learning in practice as soon as I get back to work.
Nana Mikashavidze
CEO, TBC Leasing

If an Executive Team is unable to deliver this, it can have serious implications for an organisation’s performance:

  • Lack of clarity is a major cause of resistance to change and the reason why many talented people leave an organisation.
  • Lack of alignment in a leadership team creates mixed messages, leading to further resistance. This often manifests itself as “saying one thing, doing another”.
  • Lack of a clear and common understanding within an Executive Team can result in each leader pursuing his or her own agenda at considerable cost to an organisation

Why Choose a Tune-Up?

Organisations choose to implement our Executive Tune-Up™ programme because:

  • They have poor financial results
  • They have fundamental differences on strategic direction
  • Their strategy not turning into action
  • They have a new Board of Directors
  • Several Changes to an existing Leadership Team were made
  • After a Merger or Acquisition
  • Before a major change programme
  • Before a rebranding
  • Before a new product launch.
Executive Tune-Up

What is Executive Tune-Up™?

Our Executive Tune-Up™ program is designed to help Executive Teams realise their full potential and inspire their own teams to superior and sustainable levels of performance. It focuses on how leaders interact with themselves and with others. Considerable attention is given to tools that enhance mindset flexibility and improve strategic thinking skills. The common thread is how to consistently navigate a world of constant change and keep people motivated and engaged.

Executive Tune-Up

The key elements can include: 

  • One-to-one Executive Coaching, Mentoring/Sounding Board
  • Executive TEAM Coaching
  • The Executive Team Alignment Workshop
  • Teambuilding and team development programmes
  • Talent Management and Psychometric Preferences Assessments
  • Design & Facilitation of Executive meetings
  • Up-skilling with Business Masterclasses (e.g. Executive Leadership, Winning Negotiations, Powerful Presentations, Coaching etc.)
  • Communication Toolkits (e.g. messaging, speeches, scripting, storyboarding, presentations, video)
  • Process and programme optimisation with Lean Six Sigma,
  • Strategic development with Blue Ocean Strategy.

How is the Executive Tune-Up™ Developed and Delivered?

We use our 5D technology to provide YOU with a custom-made, data-driven and research-based state-of-the-art solution for your organisation.

  • Discover

    We begin by working together with you to define what you want to achieve and how you will measure success. Once you have set your desired results, we analyse your current situation taking into account both inside and outside factors.

  • Design

    We design a tailored-made development journey taking into account the data collected previously. We use the latest research to combine relevant content and we decide on the best delivery method for each of the steps (live and online).

  • Deliver

    We deliver the programme while continuously collecting feedback and adapting it to ensure it creates the best possible outcome for you and your organisation. We focus on excellence with the support of one Master Coach for every 5 participants.

  • Debrief

    We evaluate together with you the results of the programme and we decide on the future steps to be taken. We provide support in creating long-term action plans and following-up their implementation and success.

  • Develop

    We work together with you to transfer the results that you have achieved at the executive level to your organisation by developing an organisational upgrading process that can be implemented by us or by your own trainers.

What Results can you Expect from an Executive Tune-Up™?

Implementing an Executive Tune-Up™ programme can significantly improve your personal, team and organisational performance.

Depending on your organisation’s focus, the results of this program can include:

  • Aligned, motivated and collaborative teams
  • Lower employee turnover rate
  • Congruent change leadership
  • Consistent and clear internal and external communication
  • Strategic alignment
  • Improved financial results
  • Achievement of KPIs.
Radu has enabled us to clarify the purpose of our work and our mission. He also enlightened me on the different perception biases within a team, with a client and how to overcome them. He coached us on making proposals, clarifying our objectives and take control to achieve them. Radu pushed me to go against the habits, not to believe change is impossible to achieve my objectives.
Vladimir Bousrez
Program and TA Manager AB Bank