Are you a coach, therapist or consultant? Do you want more and better clients? Do you believe your business could do better? Do you want to finally charge for what your offers are actually worth? Do you want to learn how to design irresistible offerings that drive sales easily and effortlessly? Do you want to finally master the marketing and management side of your business so that you significantly reduce the amount of time you spend on administrative tasks and have more time for your clients? Do you need an easy map navigate the system of online and offline promotion? Do you want to master the 7 keys to run a successful coaching business and also what are all the ingredients you need to really take your business to the next level?

How would you like to take charge of your success? From exploring who you are as a coach to how to design a memorable coaching experience, from developing products and services in coaching to managing campaigns for promotion, from boosting your sales processes to developing partnerships, we will be exploring the ingredients of what can enable you to become the #BestCoach!

For someone who has never been into sales I was very skeptical about taking a course in coaching business. And yet, knowing Radu, I knew he’d surprise me in an unexpected way. The course is very hands-on and provided me with insights I’d never arrived at on my own. I opted for the mentorship with Radu and it was the best decision because I can learn faster, receive immediate feedback and overcome blocking moments with his help. The materials and the resources are very useful and empowering. As a result, I learnt a lot about myself, expanded my knowledge on coaching, marketing and sales and I am sure I’ll never spend money the way I used to it again. Why? Sign up for the course to learn.
Olga Berg, Certified Master Coach

Who is the Mastery Programme for?

The #BestCoach Mastery programme is for you if you:

  • want to understand why your coaching business is not working
  • don’t know which promotional tools to use for your business
  • want to stop procrastinating and start getting clients
  • don’t have clear goals related to your business or offerings
  • want to know how to find and keep clients
  • you want to apply what you learnt during your certification course, build a business strategy and turn it into action
  • you want to develop offerings that provide value and make a change
  • are a successful coach and simply want to take your business to the next level

What will I learn in this programme?

The #BestCoach Mastery Programme is divided into 7 chapters, each of them dealing with a key element to making your coaching business a successful one as follows:

  1. You as a coach
    1. Discover who you are as a coach, what are your strengths and weaknesses
    2. Create a business that is based on your values and metaprogrammes
    3. Set your personal and professional goals and discover how you can achieve them faster
  2. Customers
    1. Understand how the market functions and how to segment it
    2. Define who your target audience is
    3. Discover how you can reach your target audience
    4. Understand what your target audience nees/wants in order to better serve them
  3. Products/services
    1. Discover what are the types of products/services coaches can offer and select the most suitable for your business
    2. Create the best offerings for your selected target audience
    3. Learn how to word and format the offerings for the highest impact
    4. Learn about creating bundles and sequences
  4. Promotion
    1. Learn to design your online and offline campaign
    2. Learn which tool is the best for you and how to maximize the impact
  5. Sales
    1. Create offers that are irresistible
    2. Learn how to significantly increase your closing ratio
    3. Automate your sales funnel
  6. Customer Experience
    1. Learn and design your customer experience and journey so that your customers are happy and satisfied, they return and bring others
  7. Processes
    1. Discover what processes you need to have in your business including legal and account ones
    2. Optimize and automatise processes
    3. Learn how to easily and effortlessly create content for your business
Up until attending #BestCoach, I had a coaching business on the side. While I had the knowledge, the tools, the certifications and the confidence I was a good coach, I lacked the business know-how. My focus was dispersed, my promotion efforts were sporadic and my copy, however helpful, targeted anyone and everyone. Attending the #BestCoach mentorship programme is probably the wisest business decision I've ever made! I gained the clarity and focus I so desperately needed, I created my first coaching products for the audience I identified needed them most, and I learnt to promote my business and offer value to the relevant people. The mentorship sessions are invaluable, keeping me on track, ensuring my efforts are consistent and aligned with the purpose of my business. I highly recommend #BestCoach to anyone starting a business or wanting to take their business to the next level!
Anca Urdea, Certified Master Coach
London, United Kingdom

How much do you want to grow your coaching business?

The #BestCoach Mastery Programme is a 7 weeks online practical programme delivered in 3 ways depending on how much support you want and need to get your coaching business going:

  • The #BestCoach Home Study programme includes access to 7 90 minutes live webinars, once a week, following the chapters of the course. Each webinar comes with its own 20 pages workbook and set of templates that you can easily fill in at your own pace.
  • The #BestCoach Mentoring includes access to everything in the Home Study Package plus 7 one-to-one online mentoring calls with an expert to give you support in filling in the templates, provide feedback and advice on how you can tailor your coaching business in order to get the best results.
  • The #BestCoach Intensive – includes everything in the mentoring pack plus a 4 days one-to-one business breakthrough experience in which you will let go of everything that is holding you back from the past, be it negative emotions or limiting beliefs of others and rebuild yourself and your future coaching business as you dream of. The Intensive is only offered to those who pass the qualification interview with Radu.

#BestCoach Home Study

Attend the live webinars and learn at your own pace!

  • 7 Live Webinars
  • 7 Workbooks with exercises
  • A set of Magic Templates
  • BusinessCompass™

#BestCoach Mentoring

Attend the live webinars and learn from your mentor!

  • 7 Live Webinars
  • 7 one-to-one Mentoring sessions (online)
  • 7 Workbooks with exercises
  • A set of Magic Templates
  • BusinessCompass™
  • 6 months phone support from mentor

#BestCoach Intensive

Imerse yourself in a completely taylored, one-to-one, fun, fast and easy business development experience!

  • 1 day Entrepreneurship breakthrough session (live)
  • Advanced Business Building Experience 2 days, (live)
  • 1 Speak-up Coaching programme 1 day, (live)
  • 7 Live Webinars
  • 7 one-to-one Mentoring sessions (online)
  • 7 Workbooks with exercises
  • A set of Magic Templates
  • BusinessCompass™
  • 12 months phone support from mentor
The “BestCoach” Mastery Programme by Radu Seuche is an innovative, resourceful, practical and explorative journey towards starting ANY business and especially coaching business. Useful hands-on tools, well thought brilliant resources and primarily Radu’s invaluable mentorship sessions inspired me to take action for the period of 7 weeks and beyond. Participation in the “BestCoach” really lead me to realize my childhood dream of starting a business in the area of my expertise, empowered me to become a happier, more fulfilled person. I would like to thank Radu for his continuous support and inspiration.
Natia Mixanashvili, Certified Coach
Tbilisi, Georgia

What results can I expect from following this programme?

The programme results in:

  • clear goals and a plan to achieve them fro your business
  • increased number of cutomers
  • better offerings
  • more successful promotional campaigns
  • increased sales ratio
  • more time due to the automation of processes.

Who is leading this programme?

Radu Seuche is the CEO and Founder of Executive Mastery. Radu’s mission is to enable individuals and organisations to make their best become their average and reach their full potential. His most important value in business is impact and he delivers guaranteed measurable results using a systemic approach to organisational development. Radu is a Certified NLP Master Coach and Certified Trainer of NLP Coaching, Marshall Goldsmith Executive and TEAM Certified Coach, Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Certified Trainer and Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy®, Certified Master Hypnotist, an accredited Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions (HATS) consultant and a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

Radu has developed and delivered coaching and training programmes both live and online to over 10000 participants from more than 50 countries. Entrepreneurs, managers, CEOs, companies, state institutions, international institutions, NGOs, etc., have benefitted from Radu’s focus on the impact of his learning programmes and strive for excellence.

What makes his learning programmes work is the blend of training and coaching, his results and outcomes focused approach and the ability to create learning environments in which the participants can grow both personally and professionally while applying everything they learn straight away. These, coupled with his witty combination of the latest tools and research from Leadership and Personal Development, Coaching, Neuro-Sciences, Management, Marketing, Strategy (Blue Ocean Strategy, Lean, Lean Six Sigma, Agile) and an accelerated learning, highly interactive and practice-oriented methodology guarantee impactful and long lasting results for the participants.

His latest book, “Develop Your Business in 100 Steps”, was published in 2019 in Romania and is being translated in English and Arabic.