Debunking the “Saturated Industry” Myth: Why Successful Salespeople Thrive in Competitive Markets

Are you also tired of hearing salespeople blame their lack of success on a “saturated” market? In this eye-opening blog post, we debunk the myth of the saturated industry and reveal why top-performing salespeople thrive in competitive environments.

Discover the key areas you need to focus on to excel in sales, from continuous learning and skill development to building a strong personal brand and adopting a customer-centric approach. Plus, learn how partnering with Executive Mastery’s Sales Accelerated Performance Programme can help you overcome the challenges of a crowded market and achieve sustainable success.

Don’t let the “saturated industry” excuse hold you back any longer. Read on to uncover the secrets of sales success in any competitive landscape.

Accelerating Your New Sales Manager’s Success: A Consultant’s Guide to Onboarding Excellence

Are you looking to onboard your new sales manager in Dubai quickly and effectively? As an international consultant, I’ve seen the power of a well-designed onboarding program firsthand. In this blog post, I’ll share expert insights on how to accelerate your new sales manager’s performance during the first 100 days.
Discover the key areas to focus on, from comprehensive orientation and product training to sales strategy and leadership development. Learn how to foster a positive team culture, provide ongoing support, and develop a strategic 90-day plan aligned with your company’s goals.
Plus, find out how partnering with Executive Mastery can take your onboarding program to the next level. Our Accelerated Performance solutions deliver measurable and guaranteed results faster than traditional approaches, ensuring your new sales manager hits the ground running and drives sustainable revenue growth.
Don’t leave your new sales manager’s success to chance. Read on to learn how to unlock the full potential of your sales team and achieve accelerated performance from day one.

Unleash Your Communication Mastery: The Path to Leadership Influence

As a CEO or executive leader, your ability to communicate with clarity, conviction, and inspiration can quite literally make or break your organization’s success. In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, those who master the art of powerful communication gain a substantial competitive edge. They inspire their teams, influence stakeholders, and drive transformative change with greater ease. The Pivotal Role of Public Speaking for Leaders Whether you’re unveiling a new strategy,… Read More »Unleash Your Communication Mastery: The Path to Leadership Influence

The 5 Keys to Extraordinary Meetings That Propel Your Company’s Success

As an executive leader, how you communicate within your company is crucial for achieving exceptional results. Meetings provide the ideal framework to discuss goals, challenges, and the company’s direction with your team. However, to have maximum impact, they must be strategically planned and facilitated.

The Secret AI Revolution Brewing Under Most Executives’ Noses

Think your employees aren’t already augmenting their productivity with artificial intelligence behind the scenes? Think again. Surveys show over 40% of tech workers deploy AI tools without official approval. What’s driving this shadow adoption? How could it backfire? And why does secretly embracing AI’s benefits actually signal an enormous opportunity for visionary leaders? In our latest research paper, we lift the lid on this unauthorized AI integration trend that most… Read More »The Secret AI Revolution Brewing Under Most Executives’ Noses

Staying Top of Mind with Customers Through Ongoing Follow Up

For executives in sales, it’s vital to keep your company and offerings front and center with prospects and customers. But out of sight usually means out of mind. Studies show most people forget brand interactions within a year if you don’t continually nurture relationships.   That’s why establishing a system for consistent, value-driven follow up is essential. Drip marketing and cadenced outreach strategies based on timeline, not transactions, help you stay… Read More »Staying Top of Mind with Customers Through Ongoing Follow Up

Where is your focus?

Covid19. Lockdowns. Working from home. Laying off staff. Diminishing or stopping operations. Panic. Fear. Uncertainty. Vulnerability. Now, more than ever there is a temptation to focus on the present situation. Fix things. Make it work.  I remember the first time time I was invited to try a Segway. I am a risk-taker, I told myself and I jumped right on it. And fell. I tried again. Somehow I couldn’t find… Read More »Where is your focus?



Guest post by Gino Francato. We can live in a better world but we first need to break the chains that keep us tied to the present! Briciola I was born in an Italian town only one hour south of Venice, Rovigo. Many Italians wouldn’t know where to place my hometown in a map but there’s a good chance that a South African guy would know it. Rovigo has always… Read More »Chain..ge

What kind of leader are you?

The ability of leaders to perform consistently is fundamental to the success of any organisation. However, as with many highly talented people, success is not always guaranteed. In difficult economic situations or times of change, even the best people can find it difficult to stay focused, motivated and collaborate effectively. Leadership is a way of acting and a way of being that we all can have, not something ‘out there’,… Read More »What kind of leader are you?