Staying Top of Mind with Customers Through Ongoing Follow Up

For executives in sales, it’s vital to keep your company and offerings front and center with prospects and customers. But out of sight usually means out of mind. Studies show most people forget brand interactions within a year if you don’t continually nurture relationships. 

 That’s why establishing a system for consistent, value-driven follow up is essential. Drip marketing and cadenced outreach strategies based on timeline, not transactions, help you stay top of mind.

Set Up a CRM and Calendar to Track Outreach

A CRM like Salesforce helps you log all interactions with prospects and customers and set reminders for follow up. Block time on your calendar dedicated to lead follow up. Even an hour a week can make a difference.

Create an Editorial Calendar for Helpful Content

Don’t just sell all the time. Provide value by sharing helpful content related to your customers’ interests and pain points. Create a monthly editorial calendar for emails, social media, and other channels.

Automate Follow-Up with Email Campaigns

Email marketing automation takes the guesswork out of when to follow up and what to say. Set up sequences tailored to lead stages or customer lifecycle. MailChimp, Constant Contact, and other platforms make it easy.

Set and Track Monthly Goals 

Have specific monthly sales targets and task goals to work towards. Break bigger objectives down into weekly and monthly metrics to track progress. Establish routines and systems.

Pick Up the Phone!

Nothing beats a real conversation for making an impression. Schedule short check-in calls or videos chats periodically. Hearing someone’s voice stands out.

Stay Visible on Social Media 

Commenting on connections’ posts and sharing relevant articles on LinkedIn and other networks helps you stay top of mind. Offer value, not sales pitches.

Use Tools to Remind You to Follow Up

Boomerang for Gmail, Mixmax, and other tools let you schedule reminders to follow up if a prospect goes cold. Technology can help you stick to your timeline.

The Bottom Line

Implementing an organized system for customer follow up demonstrates that you care about building lasting relationships, not just short-term transactions. Be creative and consistent with your outreach strategies and aim to provide value at every touchpoint. Nurtured customers turn into loyal brand advocates.

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