Where is your focus?

Covid19. Lockdowns. Working from home. Laying off staff. Diminishing or stopping operations. Panic. Fear. Uncertainty. Vulnerability. Now, more than ever there is a temptation to focus on the present situation. Fix things. Make it work. 

I remember the first time time I was invited to try a Segway. I am a risk-taker, I told myself and I jumped right on it. And fell. I tried again. Somehow I couldn’t find my balance. I struggled to stay on it not to mention moving – how can people actually use that? And make it look so easy and simple? My friend laughed and told me there is a way – one that might seem obvious but no one does it. To keep balance and more importantly to move, one needs to focus on the destination rather than where one is at the moment. If you look down at hwere you are, you fall. The moment you look up towards your destination, you stand up straight and you can control the machine.

Speaking to you as a leader of an organisation, where is your focus now? Are you navigating the uncertainty with full control and speed forward or are you struggling to keep balance? Chances are that if you are in the latter category, you have not yet set achievable outcomes for your organisation. 

How can you do that? 

Well, first and foremost, your focus must be on where you want to be rather than where you are. 

  1. Where do you want your organisation to be 6 months from now? 
  2. Are your outcomes specific enough? Stated in the positive (think of blue trees)? Are they measurable? Actionable? Relevant? Do they have a timeline? 
  3. Are they ethical? Are they producing positive results for you? For your employees? For your clients? And for society in general?
  4. Are you taking full responsibility for achieving them?

From this point onwards, you can start analysing the current situation, create a plan and communicate it consistently. 

At Executive Mastery, we updated our unique methodology that enables executives to set and achieve their outcomes to fit the current COVID19 pandemic. And we are offering it for FREE to 3 Executives that are committed to thrive during these times and beyond. Get in touch with us now to take advantage of this offer. 

Of course, struggling with problems is hard work. And it keeps you busy, lack of balance drains energy. You can give yourself a pat on the back that you have achieved so much and still, are you moving forward? Can you afford not to?

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