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At Executive Mastery, we make the world better by enabling executives and organisations to thrive while building sustainable societies.

Whether they call us friends, colleagues or wizards, our clients come and stay with us for the same reason: guaranteed  and measurable results with a focus on impact, excellence and mastery.

We use our 5D methodology to create state-of-the-art, hands-on, custom-made and data-driven learning experinces that create guaranteed & measurable results.

If you are ready to ramp up team performance or drive personal achievement for you and your team, boost motivation, initiative or creativity, have better commitment from your employees or better customer loyalty, increase sales and sharpen your competitive edge or simply take your business to the next level, get in touch now!


Our 5D Technology

We use our 5D technology to provide our clients custom-made, data-driven and research-based state-of-the-art solutions that create guaranteed & measurable results.
  • Discover

    We begin by working together with you to define what you want to achieve and how you will measure success. Once you have set your desired results, we analyse your current situation taking into account both inside and outside factors.

  • Design

    We design a tailored-made development journey taking into account the data collected previously. We use the latest research to combine relevant content and we decide on the best delivery method for each of the steps (live and online).

  • Deliver

    We deliver the programme while continuously collecting feedback and adapting it to ensure it creates the best possible outcome for you and your organisation. We focus on excellence with the support of one Master Coach for every 5 participants.

  • Debrief

    We evaluate together with you the results of the programme and we decide on the future steps to be taken. We provide support in creating long-term action plans and following-up their implementation and success.

  • Develop

    We work together with you to transfer the results that you have achieved at the executive level to your organisation by developing an organisational upgrading process that can be implemented by us or by your own trainers.

Unlike those who are not updated with the latest advancements in human change technologies or those with old outdated orientations may tell you that change takes longer, we use the world’s most powerful and fastest change technologies.

how will you choose to grow?

If you are the kind of executive who loves to drive the success of your organisation, you can choose which of the following 5 paths is the best for you to take right now!

Development Programmes

Fully tailored, long-term executive development programmes that integrate one-to-one and team coaching sessions with strategy development, team alignment, up-skilling modules and spot-on support.

Executive Coaching

Whether you are looking to close a performance gap, to increase or develop sustainable performance or simply become a better leader, our coaching programmes enable you to take control of your success now!

Executive Team Coaching

Do you need a new strategy? Better team performance or alignment? Do you want a more motivated and agile team? Our team coaching approach can enable you to achieve that and much more!

Spot-on Support

Do you need to design or facilitate a meeting? Do you have a proposal or a speech to prepare? Are there any materials you need to produce? We are here to offer key-support in whatever area you need.

Executive Masterclasses

Hands-on group learning experiences based on the latest research in the field and using the most poverful teaching and coaching techniques in an exclusive environment dedicated to executives!

Executive Evaluation

From psycometric testing to executive grooming, from performance reviews and development plans to 360° evaluations and feeback, we are here to support executives and companies with their HR processes.


What do you want to achieve?

We build transformational experiences which enable you to achieve your desired outcomes.
Executive Tune-Up
Executive Tune-Up

Our Executive Tune-Up™ programme is designed to help Executive Teams realise their full potential and inspire their own teams to superior and sustainable levels of performance.

Leadership Growth

We enable executives and teams to get better by using Marshall Goldsmith’s SSC process that delivers guaranteed and measurable leadership growth.

Executive Breakthrough
A Breakthrough!

An Executive Breakthrough™ is an intensive 1-2 days coaching session focused on you finding out exactly what you want from your business and supercharging you to achieve your goal!

Agile Leadership

A masterclass that combines AGILE with NLP resulting in a holistic transformational process for any business leader that wants to create a significant leap in their organisations’ growth.

Modern young business woman with arm extended to handshake
Double your sales!

A transformational programme that goes beyond a sales course to also upgrade the organisational capacity in order for you to acheive your 2xSales outcome.


What our clients say

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Radu’s excellent skills and obsessive attention to detail brought the Executive Management Team to the next level and set the course for excellence.
Cosmin Olteanu
CEO, AB Bank Zambia
I am amazed of what 4 days of this excellent Masterclass can do! It was a transforming and inspiring experience. I cannot wait to put all the learning in practice as soon as I get back to work.
Nana Mikashavidze
CEO, TBC Leasing Georgia
I will recommend the course without hesitation to anybody with or without experience in negotiation. It was 4 days full of interesting topics, busy, exciting, and different. It gives possibility to change mindset to positive thinking and towards winning attitude, as well giving lots of hints how to be more successful in sales or in negotiation.
Maya Khetsuriani
GM, Servier - Georgia
These four days were super intense and by the end I was fully transformed into a different, more interesting, free, influential, sexy and tall person:) As I was listening to my colleagues during the final presentations, I saw significant transformations in all of them!
Eka Toroshelidze
Head of CRM and MarComm, EUROPE-BET
This was one of the best trainings I have ever had in my life. This was more than training, broadening one’s mindset to different directions that an employee could use in the job effectively. It has not only taught successful sales and negotiations, but it helped me a lot to reveal the features could have hidden into myself and the most important: how to use one’s skills and knowledge in the right way.
Tsitsino Nozadze
Customer Communications Manager, GEOCELL
The training was very interesting, interactive and intensive, with many practical exercises through which we have got familiar with NLP techniques and tools, which enable us to have better communication, to set and achieve desired goals, to have more successful sales and decision making processes, matched with each and every particular client, group and situation. Considering the high professionalism of Radu, I will definitely recommend to attend his courses!
Sophio Askurava
L&D Coordinator, Bank Republik - Societe Generale

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